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Whirlpool Authorized Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

Whirlpool Authorized Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad is the only best service center for Whirlpool customers. Home apparatus of Whirlpool are most used brand household apparatus in every house. Major household appliances may include Air conditioner, dishwasher, clothes dryer, refrigerator, washing machine and microwave oven.

Washing Machine

Whirlpool management is the top and best washing machine service center in Hyderabad. Part of us gives doorstep fix with 10 years of experienced technicians in our service center for instance.

Our own engineers provide the best aid and they give service subsequently repair for all over the areas of Hyderabad. Experts will repair all models of washers like automatic, semi-automatic, front load, top load, etc.


In my opinion Whirlpool has the best product at the best price. I don’t suggest to buy anything but Whirlpool. The bottom freezer is a great feature and works very well for me. The people mentally attached to home apparatus.

Are Looking for Whirlpool cooler Service?. Finding problems in the refrigerator, you may worried. At that time you may need the technicians for the repairing of the fridge. 

This is out of warranty service center. If you are searching for the best help at a reasonable price, then you will find us as the choice in meeting your technical requirements. We have experienced technicians in our service fix as a result your repairable product may work like a new product.

Microwave Oven

Whirlpool administration is the best choice for your Microwave oven repair. We are giving the best opportunity to hire our professional engineers for your Oven service. Moreover we provide the best services for Hyderabad customers.

Whirlpool Service Fix

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner plays an important role in lifestyle. Because the usage of AC is on the higher side it slows down or stops working thanks to this. Book our service, engineers can give assistance and repair all models of Air coolers like Split Air conditioner, Window Air conditioner, Duct Air conditioner.

This is a non-warranty Service Center. Privately provide assistance all Air cooler Problems like gas refilling, Installation, Filter, Drainage, Capacitors, and Compressor.

About service center:

Whirlpool Authorized Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad located in middle point of Hyderabad, so that every whirlpool customer can have our service. Firstly, our motto is to give service as well as repair for whirlpool brand apparatus. Secondly, there is no long time wait for customers when their appliances get stuck.

Because our technical team will arrive your doorstep within in two hours of compliant registered. In conclusion, we strictly use only original spare parts which are to be replaced and also offer 3 months warranty on spare parts. 

Our specifications:
  • On-Time service.
  • Doorstep service.
  • 24/7 Available.
  • Genuine Spare parts.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction. 
Whirlpool Care:

Customer care executives available in all 24/7 hours and they resolve your complaint issue in less time. Once you lodge complaint they follow up your issue with our technical team with in less time.

This is to say our agent speaks to all customers after they our service and enquire about our service, Whether they satisfied or not. Therefore it helps us to improve quality of service.

The whirlpool is the one of the trusted brands in India this will provide all qualitative products to their customers. This will gives the home appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven and air conditioners. The usages of these products are very high in our daily life. And these are the most important products in every home. The products like this having the their own functions like

Microwave oven

The microwave ovens are the best home appliances for cooking purposes. This provides the best cooking results to the customers. This product wills plays a crucial role in every house. Meanwhile, it is an electrical device. which is mainly use for heating the food items. It also has the functions of cooking and defrosting with electromagnetic waves. The microwave ovens will provide the equal heat to around the food item. This will heat the food items within minutes.  Some microwave ovens are providing some temperature setting. So, we can set the temperature accordingly to the food item. Mainly in modern generation the usage of the microwave ovens rapidly increased.

A microwave oven is an electronic device which uses to heat the previous food by electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, it takes less time to heat food. however, it is suitable for us. No changes in high-quality taste, it’s easy to clean. So, don’t worry, if you got any repair microwave just dials our customer care number. Moreover, we can visit your door-step and solve your micro-oven problems. Meanwhile, we can repair all types of oven, three months of spare parts warranty, and 1-month general service. However, Technicians come at your doorstep. After calling us, we take care of every part issue in the microwave.    

Solo microwave oven

Likewise, the solo microwave ovens are only containing some cooking programs only. it handles only cooking, reheating, defrosting etc. And this product won’t handle all types of food items. This is old model microwave oven. At present we have many advanced products for cooking. However, it very low-cost microwave ovens. it has a fixed heating temperature for cooking the food item. However, it very useful for heating purposes. These are the earlier model of the microwave oven. It is mostly suitable for emergency purposes. Metal utensils cannot used in product. Because it not supported to this function.

Above all, the solo microwave ovens are the normal microwave ovens. Which are mainly using for only heating. It won’t cook all the food items. A solo microwave oven can used to cook food.  And decrease the bacterial. It used to set the time of the entire cooked process as per convenience.

Grill microwave oven

Likewise, the grill microwave ovens are the continue model of the solo microwave ovens. It is coming with few advanced features of cooking. This can handle the grilling process of the food along with defrosting and reheating. Meanwhile, it has the functions like grilling the meat and vegetables it melts cheese. It is also coming with fixed temperature. This is high in cost comparing to the solo microwave ovens. This is suits for home usages. And these are mainly using in bakeries. It has the feature of radiant element and magnetron. The metal utensils cannot used in that microwave ovens also. It is more expensive than solo microwave oven. This is one of the best models in the microwave oven.

The grill microwaves are also doing the same as a solo microwave oven. But this is an updated version of the solo microwave oven. It can grill meat and vegetables. It is suitable for home usage also. moreover, It is more expensive compared to a solo microwave oven. 

Convection microwave ovens

This is the most advanced microwave in this generation. Because, it has many advanced features and functions. However, the process of the cooking in the convection microwave ovens done by heat air with a fan in it. The heating element will convert the heating energy into thermal energy. And coming with the technology known as turn plates this rotates plate inside the microwave ovens to distribute equal heat to the food item. And it has the temperature control option so we can set the temperature according to the food.  This model of microwave oven can cook all types of food items.  It is the most expensive model in microwave ovens.

The convection microwave oven is the best of all. it is the most advanced microwave oven compare to solo and grill. It also contains many automatic features. This microwave oven can cook all the food items. This microwave oven is coming with a digital touch display. In this microwave oven, they provided the different levels of power settings the user can set the temperature accordingly. It is the most expensive product.

Features of oven:  

Imagine that a microwave oven is simply an appliance that cooks the food? Do you consider it is just a box that heats and cooks food quicker than outside common food? Many people believe that the oven is presently a box that may go shocked when it is operating. Here the oven has the best type of features that we require to understand. As we know that the microwave ovens are a class of appliances that heats, cooks food.

  • It has completely programmed switches that accommodate all characteristics that we need to run it.
  • Smart ovens have an intelligent display panel that presents all the information on it.
  • The interiors of the microwave oven are built up of stainless steel which delivers cooking more delightful.
  • Microwave ovens have a removable glass dish on which we can place food on it.
  • The child lock safety protection is specifically made for the children’s safety and their security.
  • Time settings are also characteristic. and end when the food is thoroughly cooked.
  • The oven automatically locks off when the food is finally cooked and it additionally saves electricity too.


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