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Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad

Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad. Washing Machine is one of the most essential home appliances. With a high-performance washing machine at home, you can get done with your laundry without over stressing about it.  However, Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad. Washing Machine not only helps in keeping the clothes clean but also acts as a time saver from the strenuous activity of washing clothes by hand.  Having your washing machine break down can be a real pain. Is one of the most reputed Washing Machines service center specialized in all types’ washing machine repair services. Quality repair service at a fair price.

Likewise, our technicians are well trained and experience persons easy to analysis the issues of washing machine and gives best services. So, our services provided for doorstep and convenient time. moreover, our Services charge fitted your budget. Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad. Our qualified team is supportive and cordial besides providing resourceful repairs and services to the satisfaction of the customers. Our technicians are experienced. We have specialized skills for repair and maintenance for the Whirlpool home appliances. We provide 365 days of repair and maintenance services in Hyderabad city.

Types of services we provide are:-

  1. General Service:-

We provide general service to your washing machine for good maintenance.

  1. Repairs:-

We do all repairs in the washing machine to bring it into good working condition.

  1. Deep cleaning:-

The drum, the drain is filled with lint; dirt is deeply cleaned to avoid the repairs.

  1. No power on:-

If your machine is troubling with power on problem. We provide our service to solve it.

Genuine spare parts replaced at fixed pricing.

We provide you 30days service guarantee.

We provide well-skilled technicians at your choice of the slot at a reasonable cost.

Our team works systematically:

Bookings are accepted from both online & offline from any customers. Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad.  We send an efficient technician to your desired space and charges affordable price. Now you can relax & the appliances will get into working condition soon.

Refrigerator Service Center

Looking for doorstep service from well-trained technicians? Whirlpool service is the best choice which provides service with single ring/click. Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad. We provide all kinds of service within your slot time at reasonable pricing. We do service for all brand refrigerators.  Moreover, We provide spare parts assurance.

All the bookings are accepted. We offer service for all 3 kinds of refrigerators.

Single door refrigerator

Double door refrigerator

Side-by-side door refrigerator

Types of services we offer are:

General Service:-

The refrigerator is a continuous working device to keep your food fresh and safe for consumption. If you are facing leaking, not cooling, overcooling, noise/disturbance, clogged drains then it’s time for servicing your fridge.

Refrigerator Repairs:-

We do all repairs and replace the damaged/burnt spare parts with new ones.

Gas charging /refilling:-

If gas is exhausted when pipes, the evaporator is damaged or filter and pipes clogged, we refill the gas at reasonable cost.

Advantages of booking on Whirlpool service:-

Whirlpool service is very authentic & charges reasonable cost for its service.

The damaged spare parts are replaced with genuine brand ones at fixed prices.

We offer services in both commercial & residential spaces of any brand refrigerators.

We serve you within your slot time.

However, we provide 30 days service guarantee.

How our team works:-

We accept both online and offline bookings on the refrigerator. Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad We send most efficient & skilled technicians to your residence to serve at an affordable price. You can relax & the appliances will get into working condition soon.

Common problems in Refrigerator

Relay and OLP damage:-

This is because of power fluctuations and compressor damage.


Bulks of ice formation are seen leads to failure of the entire unit.


It is the main part used for the refrigeration cycle. If it is damaged entire

Unit does not function properly.

Fan motor:-

Failure of motor leads to improper temperature supply.

Gas leakage:-

Due to gas leakage fridge does not work.

Evaporator damage:-

The damage of evaporator leads to gas leaking and varies in cooling of the unit.

PCB (power circuit board):-

The problem in PCB creates disturbance in power on, some units do not work properly.

Defective bulb:- Food or items inside the fridge is invisible.

Microwave Oven Service Center

Are you fed-up with repairs often occurring with a microwave oven? We provide our best service in providing an efficient technician to your door-step. Just with a single dial/click on our service Center. Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad. We accept all brands and service is provided within the slot time. We offer our service at both commercial and residential spaces on your choice.

Types of service we offer are:


We provide service to all the repairs with a microwave oven.

Replacement of damaged spare parts:-

We study the oven & replace the spare parts when they get damaged with branded new ones at a fixed cost.

The goodness of Whirlpool service:-

We provide 30days warranty.

Genuine spare parts are replaced when old ones get damaged at a fixed price.

We offer service within the slot time.

We provide service at both residential and commercial spaces of our choice.

Our team works uniquely:-

We take bookings from online and offline regarding your problem. Our well-trained technician will provide service at your choice of space. We also replace spare parts with genuine one when are damaged. We provide service beyond your satisfaction.


Contact an efficient technician to solve the problems mentioned below

(a) Oven not heating,

(b) No power on,

(c) Stops in the middle of cooking,

(d) Microwave oven plate is not spinning,

(e) No light inside the oven,

(f) Buttons not working.

Air Conditioner Service Center

Whirlpool service provides you the best-skilled professionals at your doorstep just with a single Dial/click. We offer our best service at affordable prices. Our well-trained technicians are ready to serve you at any time. Our utmost aim is to satisfy you with loyal service. Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad. We offer our service to all Brands .we provide our service for both split and window air conditioners. Types of services we provide are:-

General Service:-

Regular maintenance is required for any home appliances to keep it in proper working condition. Air conditioners are regularly serviced

To avoid disturbance and noise. We offer the best service at any time.


We do all repairs & branded spare parts are replaced at fixed prices.

Wet service:-

Deep cleaning is required for removing the dust from your air conditioner to maintain proper cooling.

Gas charging/gas refilling):-

Gas refilling must be done for proper cooling of AC s.


New & old ones are installed whenever you are required to install.


The air conditioner is removed when you are migrating to other residences.

Whirlpool Service Center

We provide well-trained technicians at any time and lowcost is charged for our service.

Genuine spare parts are replaced when older ones get damaged with fixed pricing.

We offer service on slot of your choice.

We provide 30days service guarantee.


We accept both online and offline booking repairs of the air conditioner. We send an efficient technician to your home to serve you at a reasonable cost. You can relax & the appliances will get into working condition soon.

Common problems in Air conditioner:

Repairs can be costly. So it is always a good idea to be aware of some common problems that can arise with your air conditioner.

Filter: Clogged or dirty filter. Whirlpool Authorized Service Center in Secunderabad. Follow the instructions of manufacturers how often to change your air filter should be cleaned when they are dirty. Dirty filters cause the Ac unit to freeze & reduces the flow of air.

When the coolant starts leaking entire unit does not work properly.(such as Ac temperature varying).

Drainage:- The drain line can also get clogged with dust, dirt & lint. This must be cleaned quite often to avoid water leak out causing damage to Ac unit.

Breakers:- These protect Air conditioners motor from overheating and damage.

Capacitors:- The capacitor provides a series of jolts to keep the motor working. Ac unit does not work efficiently if it burns.

Compressor:- If the compressor is not working, the Ac unit will not cool your room.

Evaporator coils:- Coils get corroded, but if they are located inside, they require maintenance every 6 months.

Condenser coils:-

These are located outside with the compressor. So, they get dirty & must be cleaned once a year if they get too dirty technician will have to clean with a chemical cleaner.

At the Whirlpool, service center your Service requests responded within 24 hours. And you got a call by our technical team within 1 hour to understand your machine fault. We repair all types of home appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioner, etc.  Our technicians prepared to service almost all major brands of gas and electric home appliances whatever the age or condition. Machines may get a complication without any information at any time. But please don’t worry about your home appliances.

About Our Service Center:

Our service center has more than 170 technicians to repair and service Whirlpool home appliance our goal is to exceed customer’s expectations in the appliance repair industry. In these tough economic times, we take pride in providing all of our customers with affordable and reliable service. If you are looking for service or Repair at your home or business, we work with you to schedule a service call that’s as quick and convenient as possible. Once your service call is scheduled. We’ll be at your front door on time and ready to work. Worried about how you will find a good professional offering home appliance repair service in Hyderabad. We provide genuine parts for home appliance repair in Hyderabad as well as 90 days of service warranty. Feel free to fill the form and let our expert technician handle your home appliance in Hyderabad.

The whirlpool is the one of the trusted brands in India. This will provide all qualitative products to their customers. This will gives the home appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, oven and AC. The usages of these products are very high in our daily life. And these are the most important products in every home. The products like this having the their own functions.


The refrigerators are the best product in every home. This is mainly use for cooling the food items. This is not only use for cooling purposes, cooling the food items. It is main thing is to protect the food. So many people are showing special interest to buy refrigerators. Cooling is the main function for protecting the food items. So these refrigerators are plays an important role in every house. We have available of this product in 3 types they are.

Single door refrigerator

These single door refrigerators are can be known as entry level or earlier model in the refrigerators. This having the very few cooling features and automatic functions. It has the small freezer compartment the freezer and fridge is present in the same door. These refrigerators are very small in size. This occupies very less storing space. It will give the best cooling experience to the users.

Refrigerator Service:

However this consumes very less electricity due to its small capacity. It is one of the best refrigerators for small families. This is low in cost comparing to all other refrigerators. In this generation we can also available of advanced single door refrigerators. It upgraded in some cooling modes and design, cooling.

Double door refrigerator

The double door refrigerators are consisting mainly two doors up and down. The upper portion of the refrigerator can be known as freezer and bottom one is use for storing the food items.  These products are coming with separation of freezer and fridge. It has more advanced features comparing to the single door refrigerator. This has the best cooling capacity. Which is suitable for medium size families. This has the good selling rate among all other models. These refrigerators have two separate fans for freezer and fridge. This helps to protect the food items for long time.

Side by side door refrigerator

The side by side door refrigerators are the best in model in this generation. This has many automatic functions and amazing features. This comes with the huge capacity which can use by large families also. This product has two split doors side by side. It has the big freezer which one door is completely can use as freezer: if we don’t have any use with the freezer. We can convert it into normal refrigerator.

It is most expensive refrigerator. it is the very big in size. It not suitable for small sized homes. This side by side door refrigerator protects the food items fresh for long time. It also has automatic temperature controlling option. When required temperature reaches. Then it’s automatically decrease the cooling air flow.

Washing machine

The washing machines are the one of the most important product in every home. It will give the best wash to the fabric. It saves the user’s time by provide the quick wash. Many people in this generation choosing the washing machines to wash the cloths because it is difficult to wash the cloths with hands it requires more physical stress. Many people nowadays are becoming busy and not getting enough time to wash the cloths so it is became much easier process to clean the cloths. So the usages of the washing machines are increasing day by day.  These products are available in four types there are

Top load washing machines

 The top load washing machines are the cheapest model in the washing machines. It requires opening the door from top side. And we can see two drum to the machine which is use for washing and draining. These top load washing machines are gives the best wash and it is best at its price. It is some noisy while running but it gives its best. It is better to the small families this can’t manage the heavy load at a time. The benefit of this machine is it doesn’t require bending while in washing process.

Front load washing machines

These front load washing machines are stylish model and it has some extra features than top load. It has only one door for washing and draining. It has best washing modes in the machine; this is suitable for the families with 5-6 members. This is a mid-ranged machine this can afford by any one. This automatically takes the water accordingly to the cloths when we connect the pipe to the tap. This machine will take 20-30% more comparing to top load because it has big capacity than top load. It is most used model in the washing machines in earlier generation.

Semi-automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machines are generally comes with many automatic functions. But this machine requires much human work as well. This machine can’t do everything automatically and don’t requires the continuity of the water flow. This machine comes with two separate drums for washing and draining we have shift all he cloths to beside drum for draining. The benefit of this product is it doesn’t require much maintenance. This machine is very easily to operate it has simple washing modes.

Fully automatic washing machines

The fully automatic washing machines are the best washing machines in this generation.  It works complete automatically without any human work the user only needs to tap on the start button. This run very smoothly without any vibrations and consumes very less electricity consumption. This will gives the most effective washing to the fabric and it will gives very quick washing to the garments. Moreover, it is the highly expensive washing machine. This requires very less water flow to wash the cloths. These fully automatic washing machines are coming with direct drive technology. Which saves the electricity consumption. Because the motor of the machine directly fixed to the drum.

Microwave oven

The microwave ovens are the best home appliances for cooking purposes. This provides the best cooking results to the customers. This product wills plays a crucial role in every house. It is an electrical device. Which is mainly use for heating the food items. It also has the functions of cooking and defrosting with electromagnetic waves. The microwave ovens will provide the equal heat to around the food item. This will heat the food items within minutes. Some microwave ovens are providing some temperature setting. So we can set the temperature accordingly to the food item. Mainly in this modern generation the usage of the ovens are rapidly increased.

Solo microwave oven

The solo microwave ovens are only contains some cooking programs handles only cooking, reheating, defrosting etc. and this product wont handle all types of food items. This is old model microwave oven at present we have many advanced products for cooking. It very low cost microwave ovens. It has a fixed heating temperatures for cooking the food item. However it is very useful for heating purposes. And this cannot used for grilling and baking. These are the earlier model of the microwave oven. It is mostly suitable for emergency purposes. Metal utensils cannot used in this product. Because it not supported to this function.

Grill microwave oven

The grill microwave ovens are the continue model of the solo microwave ovens. It is coming with few advanced features of cooking. This can handle the grilling process of the food along with defrosting and reheating. It has the functions like grilling the meat and vegetables it melts cheese. It is also coming with fixed temperature. This is high in cost comparing to the solo microwave ovens. This is suits for home usages. And these are mainly uses in bakeries. It has the feature of radiant element and magnetron. The metal utensils cannot used in these microwave ovens also. It is more expensive than solo microwave oven. This is one of the best models in the microwave oven.

Convection microwave ovens

This is the most advanced microwave in this generation because it has many advanced features and functions. The process of the cooking in the convection microwave ovens. It done by heat air with a fan. The heating element will convert the heating energy into thermal energy.  There is a fan which is fixed to the back of the cooking chamber which is circulates the hot air evenly inside the microwave oven. And coming with the technology known as turn plates this rotates plate inside the microwave ovens to distribute equal heat to the food item. And it has the temperature control option so we can set the temperature according to the food. This model of microwave oven can cook all types of food items. It is the most expensive model in microwave ovens.

Air conditioners

The air conditioners are one of best product in every home. This is use for taking the cool air in the room. And these products are the most important product in summer. The air conditioners are requires a decent maintenance to take fresh and safe cool air. The air conditioners main duty is to remove the hot air from the room and providing cool temperature. These products are takes less electricity, while provide cool air to the room for long time.

Now air conditioner usages are increasing not only in summers but also in winter time also. Because these air conditioners are equipped with inbuilt heaters. This provides the hot air from the AC with heater mode. So this technology is very useful in winter. There are 3 types of air conditioners are there like generally we use air conditioners mainly in hot situations but now we can also use this product in cool situations also to take hot air.

Split air conditioners

These split air conditioner are the main model to use in houses. These air conditioners are very easy to attach because this don’t requires any duct work to the room. This gives a wonderful cooling experience to the room. It takes very low electricity, this product also known as energy efficient. It runs very even and makes very less noise. Going with split air conditioners are better than choosing the duct Air Conditioners. It has 2 parts the compressor and air conditioner; the inside unit known as air conditioner and out unit compressor.

Duct air conditioners

The duct air conditioners are has one main advantage that is multi zone air system. Generally any other model in air conditioners are equip with only one heavy motor fan. But these duct air conditioners equipped with 2 separate fan motors. This helps to give the equal air distribution to the complete room.

The duct Air conditioners not equipped with any vents it provides the air directly from the fans. And this requires very less space. Because it fixed to ceilings. It is also having the compressor which located outside the room. It cools down the room temperature very fast. These duct air conditioners are mainly use in schools, colleges and hotels. This is less in cost comparing to the split air conditioners. This model has the good cooling capacity.

Cassette air conditioners

The cassette AC’s are can also known as central AC. These air conditioners are the greatest model of this generation. This provides the cool air from 4 sides of the AC. So this is attach to center of the room to the ceiling. It runs smooth and quite even user don’t get to that air conditioner is working. Maintenance of the cassette air conditioners is very easy as it requires very less maintenance. Condensers of this product are located in far away from the inside units so it makes very less noise. This is very unique in style and design and the front panel is only visible when we fix it to the ceiling.

About service

We providing the best services to the clients who coming forward to take the services. However, we give the genuine services to the customers. We will give the warranties to the services like 3 months product warranty and 1 month general service warranty. We only equip the original spare parts to the repairing product. Our technicians also provide the door to door services with affordable charges.

Our service center will only undertake out of warranty products only. Mainly our technicians will have the experience of 10 years. They will give the perfect repairing to the products. The customers can book online and offline services. We also provide the transport facility. If there is any big problems your home appliance. We will undertake the product to our services center.

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