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Our service center is available for good service and repair for customer. Whirlpool Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad Our technicians are well trained and they can solve all types of Refrigerator like Double Door, Single Door and Side-by-Side. We are providing genuine parts at reasonable price to our customers and there are no hidden charges. We will give guaranty for the spare parts repaired.

Best Door Step Service Center:

Whirlpool service is the best choice which provides service with single ring/click. Whirlpool Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad We provide all kinds of service within your slot time at reasonable pricing. We do service for all brand refrigerators. We provide spare parts assurance. The damaged spare parts are replaced with genuine brand ones at fixed prices. We offer services in both commercial & residential spaces of any brand refrigerators. We serve you within your slot time. Therefore 30 days service guarantee.

Types of services we offer are:

General Service:- The refrigerator is a continuous working device to keep your food fresh and safe for consumption. If you are facing leaking, not cooling, overcooling, noise/disturbance, clogged drains then it’s time for servicing your fridge.

Gas charging /refilling:- If gas is exhausted when pipes, the evaporator is damaged or filter and pipes clogged, we refill the gas at reasonable cost.

Common problems in Refrigerator

Relay and OLP damage: – He overload protector is a small piece that provides a valuable service for any appliance that uses a compressor, because of power fluctuations and compressor damaging such as a refrigerator.

Thermostat: – Bulks of ice formation are seen leads to failure of the entire unit.

Compressor: – It is the main part used for the refrigeration cycle. If it is damaged the entire unit does not function properly.

Fan motor:- Failure of motor leads to improper temperature supply.

Gas leakage:- Due to gas leakage fridge does not work.

PCB (power circuit board):- The problem in PCB creates disturbance in power on, some units do not work properly. Therefore Above all the problems are solving at over service center.

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